Time Travel: Montana Big Sky

A strange path takes you somewhere. Ahead is wide open blue sky.

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The cover of The Sound of Blue science fiction book

Where Aliens Exist: The Sound of Blue

The Sound of Blue takes you on four journeys of alien discovery.

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Free science fiction can be a great way to begin a reading journey.

Free Fiction Fix

Navigate the back alleys of fantasy and you’ll discover this treasure trove of stories.

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A view from the long descent down the Devil's Staircase.

The West Highland Way: Adventure into Fantasy

Like fantasy stories, the West Highland Way offers adventure for hikers on the trail.

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Book cover for science fiction book Hyperion by Dan Simmons

What is a Science Fiction Book?

A science fiction book explores the what is possible or could be possible by the use of scientific extrapolation.

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paranormal short story

Paranormal Short Story Mayhem and Cat Troubles

Okay. Another head scratch for you, kitty. Guess I’m not getting any more work done today.

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And on My Next Roll, Make it Snake Eyes

Friday. Vegas. Conference rooms. Editors. Only one week. How bad can it really be?

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So Much for Winter Wonderlands

I can’t decide which is worse: getting sick or the winter storm that just hit us.

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