We Dream at Twilight

Weird Science Fiction. Strangely Compelling

What is We Dream at Twilight?

It's a galactic trade union that uses a laboratory-created disease on an alien race—causing the creatures to produce a rare xenon gas when close to death.

It's weird science fiction. An organization operating an assimilation program promises rapid language learning, but they’re more interested in stealing your memories. And if you’re near-psychotic? You’re even more entertaining.

Because it's a post-apocalyptic future where the faceless living survive off the dead. Those who try to change things may be the next target.

And it's a crazy psychiatrist, a scolding android lover, and a dosage of self-hatred. With friends like these, why quit smoking?

We Dream at Twilight is four stories. A place of obscured images and no horizons. A place beyond imagining.

It’s a powerful brew of mind-blowing concepts, profound exploration, and infinite loops of dystopian electric worlds.


What Readers are Saying on Goodreads

"It was a good book but I still don't understand what kind of genre dystopian Electric is. Seemed like something that should be in the show called The Twilight Zone."

"My curiosity is peaked. This collection of four short stories has me wanting more...."


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